What Is KidneyChef ?

Our Vision

Over 200 million people around the world live with kidney disease, and they all face a long list of “No’s” – foods they can’t eat because of health restrictions. It’s a long and challenging journey for kidney patients, full of prescribed diets and foods that are dull and tasteless. Sadly, many give up and revert to old food habits that are detrimental to their health.

KidneyChef is the brainchild of professional chef and kidney patient Matan Volach, who has brought together a team of top doctors, dietitians, chefs and patients to work on this important project.

According to Matan, “Our vision is to help patients maintain an inexpensive, long-term, health-supportive diet. Being told to control your nutrients doesn’t have to be a death-sentence for your taste buds.”

The Team

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  • Melba Adams

    Recently diagnosed with stage 4 kidney disease. I have read in books and online and and find it very conflicting. I need to be on a low sodium, low phosphorus, non dairy, low protein and low potassium. I need to feel comfortable that I’m eating foods that are best for me.

    • Hi Melba,

      Trying to follow multiple diet restrictions can be very confusing and challenging. Learning what foods fit into your specific dietary restrictions can take quite a bit of time. Stay vigilant with reading nutrition fact labels and renal diet education materials. I highly recommend making an appointment with a renal dietitian to help you sort through all the information and can help guide you with your food choices . By continuously learning about what foods you can have in your diet, the more comfort you will find.

      Best of luck in your renal health journey!
      Stephanie Legin RD, LDN

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