Quick Guide to Managing Kidney Disease and Diabetes

Lauren Phillips, MS, RD, LDN  Renal Dietitian -- How does diabetes contribute to kidney disease? High blood sugars can cause blood vessel damage which leads to organ damage. This damage impacts how well your kidneys are able to work. Properly managing your diabetes can help slow the progression of your kidney disease. How do I slowdown diabetes contributing to my kidney disease? Maintaining your blood glucose levels between 80 mg/dL and 160 mg/dL or 4.4 mmol/L and 8.9 mmol/L. Discuss with your physician if they want you to maintain a stricter blood glucose level range. Keep your HgbA1c at 7% or less for optimal blood sugar control, unless otherwise determined by your physician – meeting 7% means your blood glucose levels are staying around 160 mg/dL or less (8.9 mmol/L…
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